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West Side Story

West Side Story

West Side Story Is a Musical With The Book By Arthur Laurent With The Music By Leonard Bernstein With The Lyrics By Stephen Sondheim Which Was Inspired By The William Shakespeare’s From Romeo And Juliet. The Story Is Set In The Upper West Side, Which Was The Neighbourhood In New York City In The Mid 1950s. It Is a Movie With The Multiracial, Blue-Collar Neighbourhood With The Explosive Rivalry Between The Jets And The Sharks Where There Two Teenage Street Gangs Of Different Ethnic Backgrounds. The Members Of The Sharks From Puerto Rico Tainted By The White Gang.

West Side

The Theme Is The Dark Theme, Sophisticated With Music And Dance, Which Is Focused On The Social Problems Which Is Considered To Be a Turning Point In The American Musical Theatre. The Jet Song, Something’s Coming, Maria, Tonight, America, Cool, One Heart, Somewhere, Etc., Where The Musical Scores. The Original 1957 Which Was Broadway Production Was Produced, Directed And Choreographed By Jerome Robbins And Produced By The Robert E.Griffith And Harold Prince Which Marked His Debut. This Was The Production Which Was Nominated For Tony Awards, Oliver Smith Award, Etc. This Was The Show Which Has Even Longer-Running London Production Which Saw The Revival And International Productions. There Are Many Film Adaptations Of The Musical Film Adaptation Which Included Direction Of Robert Wise And Robbins.

West Side

In The New York City, The Laurents Went Back To The Opening Night Party Which Was To Play The New By Ugo Betti Which Met The Sondheim And Learn About The Story Which Brought The Broadway Brought In The Track. Here, He Decided To Bring In The Best Music And Invited Robbins And Betty Comden And Adolph Green Who Helped With The Lyrics And Later Teamed Up To Work With Peter Pan As Well. The Original Book Laurents Wrote Closely Adhered To Romeo And Juliet As The Characters Were Based On Rosaline And The Parents Of The Doomed Lovers Who Were Eliminated Later On. Later, The Scenes Related To Juliet Faking Her Death And Committing Suicide Which Were Also Deleted. The Language Posed a Problem Four-Letter Curse Word Which Was Uncommon In The Theatre. Sondheim Converted Long Passages Of Dialogues And Sometimes With Just Simple Phrases.


Bernstein Composed The West Side And Candide Concurrently Which Led To a Few Switches Of Materials. The Original Intention Was For Cunegonde In Candide To Perform, On The One Hand, One Heart And The Music Of Glee Was Pulled From Venice In Candide. The Show Was Nearly Complete And In The Fall Of 1956 Saw Everyone On The Creative Team To Help With The Fulfilment Of Their Commitments. Robbins Was Involved With The Bells Are Ringing With Bernstein With Candide Which Later Saw a Play Opening. The Auditions Later Failed To Raise The Money For The West Side Story Which Was Set In Later Spring 1957 With Only Two Months To Show Where The Rehearsals Began. The Producer Cheryl Crawford Pulled Out Of The Project, And It Was a Long Time Before The Show Can To Fruition.

5 Benchmark Musicals in Broadway History

Broadway History

Broadway musicals are events that have been popular for several decades now, and there seems to exist some unique feature to it that entices the audience. All people attending the musical get lost in that world of music and melts into each beat of the day. A form of art that has witnessed a lot in its 150-year history of entertaining New York is still one of the most crowd-pulling events in the country. Here are some of the benchmark titles in the history of Broadway, which has evolved through the years to bring about special features to the contemporary performances.

1. The Black Crook

Black Crook was Broadway’s first musical which started off in 1866 as a piece that was a collaboration of talents. When discussing the Black Crook, it isn’t the content of the musical that is brought under light each time but its significance in the history of Broadway. There have been debates in the past about the actuality of Black Crook being the first musical. Scholars have stated that it isn’t a fact and that the musical is one of the first big phenomena to have been conducted in the theatre. It was the establishing piece in the huge structure of modern musicals. The show had its massive run with 474 performances followed by the tours in the country.

Black Crook

2. Show Boat

The show was an adaptation of Edna Ferber’s novel of the same name. It was in 1927 that the musical was first performed with Oscar Hammerstein’s lyrics and Jerome Kern’s music. The book, which was also written by Hammerstein, dealt with miscegenation and racism. Show Boat is considered as the first serious step towards evolution. Integrated musicals became a trend since Show Boat, making the music and lyrics outgrowing the theme and plot.

3. Of Thee I Sing

Of Thee I Sing, a satire of American politics, was both a musical by George and Ira Gershwin and a book by Morrie Ryskind and George S. Kaufman. It was first performed in 1931 and won the Pulitzer Prize of Drama after a few years. Only after this reward was the American musical theater came more into popularity.

4. Porgy & Bess

One of the most revered Broadway shows, Porgy & Bess, was a musical that was introduced in 1935 with the music by George Gershwin, lyrics by Ira Gershwin, and the book by DuBose Heyward. People loved this show for the sheer brilliance it possesses in its portrayal of the African American stories. Americans seem to resonate with the musical about a crippled man falling in love with a beautiful drug-addicted woman, even today. This simply indicates how emotions overpower lifestyle and race.


5. Oklahoma!

Lynn Rigg’s play Green Grow the Lilacs was reintroduced in the form of musical by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein in 1943. Oklahoma! has become the template for musical theater since then due to its radical approach. Although the plat revolved around three characters to narrate a love triangle, the plot had more nuances to it with the music and lyrics. The choreography by Agnes de Mille was a great adorning factor to the musical.

A Closer Look at the Tina Turner Musical Show

Tina Turner Musical

Theater fans are on a constant watch-out for the next big thing that comes to their town. With Broadway being one of the biggest venues for some of the best plays and musicals in the country, most fans look for popular shows at Broadway. Tina Turner is one name in the latest list of massive shows that have all people intrigued. Since not many have witnessed the magic Tina creates on stage, they are waiting to explore this side of theater. If you are planning to book a ticket to the Tina Turner show and are looking for details about it to have a better understanding of what it is, here is a short description of the musical.

What is the Tina Turner Musical?

Tina Turner is an American-Swiss singer who has been creating music for a long time now. Tina: The Tina Turner Musical is a jukebox musical that depicts her journey from the humble beginnings to the star she is today. It is the magic of her music that boosts the show to a whole new level of entertainment. Tina is now a rock ‘n roll star who started off with her ventures in Nutbush and Tennessee. Phyllida Lloyd directed the musical that had its world premiere at the Aldwych Theatre in London on 17 April 2018 with the book written by Frank Ketelaar, Kees Prins, and Katori Hall. It was on 7 November 2019 that the Broadway production opened.

Anna Mae Bullock meets Ike Turner, who falls in love with her voice only to take her on tour with him. Anna Mae, after the birth of her two sons, had to make some hard choices in life to continue her career in music. She wanted to make a difference even at this age to impress the society with her talents. The music composed by Tina enhances this plot of the musical, and the choreography makes it all the more beautiful. Since adult content and language has been added to the musical, parental discretion is recommended for the audiences below 12 years of age.

Cast of the Tina Turner Musical

Tina Turner Musical becomes a treat to the audience with the stellar performances by the adult performers and the extraordinary child actors. Adrienne Warren plays Tina Turner, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith plays Ike Turner, Madeline Appiah as Zelma Bullock, and Jenny Fitzpatrick as Alternate Tina.

Tina Turner

Lorna Gayle as GG, Tom Godwin as Phil Spector, Francesca Jackson as Rhonda Graham, Aisha Jawando as Alline Bullock, Natey Jones as Richard Bullock and Raymond Hill, Gerard McCarthy as Erwin Bach, and Ryan O’Donnell as Roger Davies.

Touring and Duration of Show

The Aldwych Theatre and Broadway are the only venues you can find Tina now since they aren’t touring any time soon. You can get tickets to the musical at the official site of the theatres. The show is 2 hours and 25 minutes long with one interval, which is quite a good duration for musical shows.

Mrs Doubtfire Musical

Mrs Doubtfire

Mrs Doubtfire Is a Musical Which Was Adapted From The Book Of Karey Kirkpatrick And John 0’Farrell. The Music And The Lyrics Were Composed With The Wayne And Karey Kirkpatrick Who Is Based On The Novel Madame Doubtfire Based On The 1987 Book. In The Year January 22, 2015, The Adaptation Was In The Works Where The Music Was Being Composed By Alan Menken And The Lyrics From David Zuppel With The Book Which Was Based On The Novel By Harvey Fierstein.

The Producer Wanted The Musical To Be Tailored To The Broadway Audience, Which Allowed Everyone To Have a Broadway Hiatus Which Included a Lot Of Problems Faced By The Creative Team. In 2018, Mccollum Still Stuck On To The Aspect Of The Movie Entertaining The Broadway Audience. It Is Entirely Different From The Creative Team, Which Includes The Karey And Wayne Kirkpatrick Score. Later a Tony Award Was Announced To The Director Of The Show, And The Musical Held Was From Reading With The Cast Including Rob Mcclure, Kate Baldwin, Mario Cantone, Jake Ryan.

The Musical Is Directed By Jerry Zaks Which Was Choreographed By Lorin Latarro. Rob Mcclure Plays The Role Of Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire, The Other Members Of The Cast Include Jennifer Gambatese As Miranda Hillard, Brad Oscar Playing Frank Hillard, Lydia Hillard Was Played By Analise Scarpaci, Jake Ryan Fills His Shoes As Christopher Hillard And Avery Sell As Natalie Hillard, Peter Bartlett Play Mr Jolly, Mark Evans Play Stuart Dunmeyer, Charity Angel Dawson As Wanda Sellner, Etc.

This Musical Made Its World Premiere On The 5th Avenue Theatre In Seattle, Washington Which Beginning Preview On The November Of 26, 2019. There Are Many Official Opening In December And Was Said To Run Until December Of 29 Which Can Be Extended Due To The Popular Demand Till January Of 4, 2020. Mrs Doubtfire Was Set To Begin Its Preview On March 9, 2020, At The Stephen Sondheim Theatre Which Was Scheduled To Open Night Of April 5, 2020. Due To The Huge Set Back From The Coronavirus Pandemic, The Productions We Halted And Were Suspended And Until The Week Of September And The Official Opening Is Still Under Question Due To The Virus.


Mrs Doubtfire Was a Critically Lauded Musical Which Was a Straight Hit. With Its Released In The Broadway In Seattle 5th Avenue Theatre, It Struck Gold In The Matter. This Is a Show Which Has a Little To With Cross-Dressing But Wants To Show Off The Relevant Adaption Of The Original Dated Film To Make It More Fun. There Were a Lot Of Screw-Ups, And The Broadway Saw Consistent Improvements With The Performance Without Slavishly Imitating It. Weather Daniel Is Trying To Mend The Fences With His Kids, And The Actor Tries To Bring Sincerity On His Won Multi-Voiced Comic Chops. This Is One Of The Main Reason It Was Well-Received By The Audience To With The Right Theatrical Hit. It Was Handsomely Produced With The Right Talents Bring The Movie Its Charm.

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